My Services

Financial Coaching:

  • budgeting
  • debt relief
  • credit score repair
  • long and short term savings
  • bankruptcy avoidance
  • couples financial issues
  • financial principle classes
  • speaking

I coach. I do not take over financial responsibilities for clients. I do not sell any products nor do I counsel on investing.

Divorce Financial Analysis:

However a marriage is being dissolved, complete knowledge of the current finances and models of how they will end in the future is information that no parties should be without.  I work with clients whether they choose to use lawyers, mediators or file themselves.  I am trained in the collaborative practice as well.  I can be hired by one side or both.  As a CDFA, I am able to take all of the current pile of figures and compile them into understandable spreadsheets and reports.  Hidden assets, property settlements, tax consequences, dividing retirement plans, health care coverage, stock option elections, pension plan valuations are some of the complexities I capture.  Attorneys are not trained to do these tasks, nor would it be wise to pay their fee for a job that they are not qualified to do.  I can save clients time and money at the time of initial filing and aid them in attaining a durable agreement so they do not have to go back and refile or modify orders because of things they didn’t know.  And how could one be expected to know the future of their finances, especially in one of the most difficult times of their lives, when emotions are high and heads are not clear, and he/she has not been trained in this nuance of financial analysis?  Because I’ve been there, I get it and am sensitive to divorcing parties plights.