Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a cooperative way to navigate through the divorce process.  Each spouse has their own attorney and they sign an agreement not to litigate.  In fact, if they choose to abandon the collaborative process, these attorneys are replaced by other attorneys and nothing that has been worked on while collaborating can be used outside of that setting (barring illegal acts).  This way there is an atmosphere of collaboration and no chance that one side will use something against the other in the future in court.

A financial neutral is added to the team to complete the current financial picture and show multiple projections of choices the clients may choose.  This is a CDFA.

And a coach is added to the team to aid the emotional processing to get to agreement.  This is a trained mental health professional.  A child specialist may also be added, who is also a mental health professional to advocate for the children.

The whole team works together to aid the clients to come to a durable agreement and a peaceful outcome.

Ending a marriage is difficult, but ending it in a fight brings no peace.